Creative Mongrel is a creative consultancy for small businesses, run by architect and photographer Alistair Kerr.


Only brands that are remarkable get noticed. Building one needs help. Not just any old help, but creative, inspiring, strategic, outside-the-box, clarity-bringing, I-never-thought-of-that help.  And that's what we do.

Why work with us? Creative Mongrel is that bit different. First, we go out of our way to make the world of branding simple and accessible, to save you time, money and stress. We offer a flexible, independent one-stop service that's all about you - what you need (and nothing you don't), your budget, your skills, the place you're at. 

Second, you benefit from a rare mix of skills and experience. After 25 years as an architect, handling complex projects comes naturally - while making sure it all looks great - as do listening carefully to your needs, guiding, advising, balancing big pictures with tiny details, and managing budgets wisely. Add in a second career as a professional photographer, a love of great branding, a bent for writing, and obsessive attention to detail, and it's safe to say your brand's in safe hands.  Not to mention we really enjoy making the world a nicer looking place...