Times are hard – I can’t afford to invest in my brand. Can you afford  not  to invest in your brand? All things being equal, when businesses are going to the wall is it the remarkable or the average that survive?


I’m a sole trader – a new brand is out of my reach. Not so! We believe that a remarkable brand should be accessible to any business - and that good design doesn’t have to cost more than bad design. 

What parts of my brand can you address?  From the clarity of your copy to photographs of your food; from your website to the colour of your walls - if it's part of your brand, we can cover it.

I’ve no idea what I need, or where to start (and why shouldn't I just go straight to a web designer anyway?)  A remarkable brand calls for a strategic approach. But not everyone you use looks outside their own bubble. The firm printing your brochures may do a great job, but do they notice your weak brand message, or even flag up typos? Do you really expect your award-winning web designer to have a handle on everything from colour schemes to copy?  (And who's going to tell you whether a new site is even needed?) Creative Mongrel provides that vital strategic view, bringing clarity, looking at big pictures and tiny details, and making sure you get exactly what you need. Think of us as the branding version of an independent financial advisor - with a lot more creative fire.

How much does it cost? That depends: one short phone call may be enough (a 90 minute consultation is £195). But perhaps you want a detailed review. Or you’d like us on board for the whole process. Or you'd like us to keep an eye on things for you for a few months.  Whatever you need, we’ll work out what’s best for you on day one and put a figure on it. And don’t worry, there's no blank cheque involved...

How long does it take? Again, that depends what you need. Our aim is to move things as fast as possible for you. And we offer a 1-Day Brand Workshop if you really want to take the bull by the horns.

Can I just get a new logo? "Yes, but"...our #1 priority is to bring you clarity in relation to what your brand's about, and to work on an overall strategy and brand message, before going on to look at how to make it stand out using visual branding. On its own, a new logo could be nothing more than a sticking plaster, and won’t bring you a single new customer. But backed by a strong, clear brand message, it’s a different story.

“I’ll do it next year”. There will always be something that gets in the way. Next year will be no different to this year - or last. To quote author Karen Lamb: “A year from now, you may wish you had started today”.