Professional photographs and video mark you out as a serious player in a sea of so-so – and they’re a must-have for coaches and consultants who want to get booked by the right people.

That’s because people buy from people. Photographs and video show a human face, forge an emotional connection, provide reassurance that you’re a good fit, and make it easier to hit “book now”.

For coaches and consultants – where personal connection is key to an ongoing relationship built on trust – that’s essential.

“Photography is a language more universal than words”

Minor White, photographer

It’s never been easier to produce photographs and video. But there’s no comparison between an image that’s “good enough” and one that jumps off the page, creates a connection and helps get you booked.

That’s why we believe professional photography is one of the best investments you can make in your brand.

Creative Mongrel’s services include headshots and personal brand photography. These are provided either in-house by Alistair Kerr or through one of our carefully chosen creative partners. Video services are provided by highly experienced professional videographers.

It was a pleasure working with Alistair…would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Ardgowan Hotel

…helped us get right to the heart of the brand message we wanted to put out there, and encouraged us to explore areas of our brand that would have been missed if we’d just focused on the visuals.

Ascot Drummond accountants

I would recommend using Creative Mongrel to anyone.  If you are looking for a service that feels both challenging but also hugely supportive, something that will give you clarity and delivered in a very friendly way then Creative Mongrel are for you.  Thanks Alistair!

DTC Training
…delighted with the final images and have no doubt that they will help increase business. (Ardgowan Hotel)


Photography and video can be included in our Spotlight design and copy services – we’ll discuss your needs once you’ve completed Lightbulb.

While our focus is firmly on headshots and personal branding photography/video, we can also offer other types of shoot where this would support your brand message. You can see our full range of work here.

(Spotlight is a fixed-price visual branding and copy package for businesses like yours, offering great design, great copy, and great images in a simple one-stop shop, with prices starting at £2,300. Clients who’ve completed Lightbulb receive a full refund against the cost of Spotlight packages).

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Great photographs and video won’t help your business if you lack a clear brand message.

Creative Mongrel’s LIGHTBULB process helps you fix that, fast, and reach your ideal customer like never before. Get in touch now to find out whether it could work for your business.